Ovarian Cysts During Pregnancy

An ovarian cyst consists of a structure that is fluid-filled and usually causes no harm and has no symptoms. These types of cysts are actually quite common in women, even those who are pregnant. It has been found that 1 in about 1,000 women will get ovarian cysts during pregnancy.

Many ovarian cysts found during the course of a pregnancy are not malignant and it is quite uncommon for a pregnant woman to get ovarian cancer. A medical practitioner will conduct an ultrasound to determine if an ovarian cyst is cancerous or non-cancerous. A benign cyst appears as a fluid-filled sac without any thick walls of septation. Even so, an ultrasound cannot determine if a cyst is malignant with 100 percent accuracy.

Ovarian cysts can become large, even when they are benign, and this leads to special complications during pregnancy. Though large cysts can cause pain whether or not a woman is pregnant, when a large cyst ruptures or twists on itself during pregnancy, there is the possibility of a miscarriage or pre-term labor. A baby may be delivered earlier than usual due to complications with ovarian cysts during pregnancy.

Ovarian cysts generally do not pose a threat to the health of a pregnant woman unless the cyst grows and breaks apart. Even when an ovarian cyst ruptures, infection is unlikely. Pain can result from a rupturing cyst, however. Using pain relievers can lessen the pain and will not interfere with pregnancy. Even with an ovarian cyst during pregnancy, anesthesia can still be used throughout labor. Therefore, ovarian cysts without further issues do not present concerns to pregnancy.

If an ovarian cyst grows and becomes twisted, it will require surgical removal. Generally speaking, the surgery won’t interfere with the pregnancy or harm the baby. That being said, surgery always involves risks and it’s better to avoid it during pregnancy if you can. Ovarian cysts measuring more than 6 cm in diameter will be often removed surgically unless they decrease in size by themselves.

If the ovarian cyst is required to be removed, the best time to operate is during the second trimester when an operation of this nature presents fewer complications. Ovarian cysts are removed by laparoscopy but larger cysts require an open incision. Because the risk of a large ovarian cyst rupturing is very high, pregnant women who develop large ovarian cysts need to be closely monitored by their doctor.

In short, while ovarian cysts during pregnancy are fairly common, they should be closely monitored throughout the pregnancy. Ovarian cysts are generally no worse for the health of the would-be mother than they would be at any other time.

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